Financial and Capital Market Commission provides information about the key performance ratios of each bank operating in Latvia through Bank Compass at the end of the quarter period. Data are summarised from the public quarterly reports submitted by banks.

Bank Compass is a medium for giving information on the main banking performance ratios in an easy manner for the public. Analysis of these ratios is one of the determinants in the bank selection choice by customers. The final decision in choosing the bank, however, is up to the customers after they have assessed the scope of services offered by the banks, accessibility and quality of services, fees and service charges etc.

Information about the key performance of each bank operating in Latvia is provided in the Bank Compass, including assets, loans, deposit stock, profit or loss, capital adequacy, as well as return on assets. The summarized data are informative and they should be analysed in the context of overall bank activities.

Since foreign bank branches are not required to publish their quarterly reports according to the Latvian laws and regulations, summarised data are presented in charts, i.e. total amounts based on the monthly balance sheet data submitted by the branches.

Further information at www.fktk.lv/en/ and on the website of each bank

Additionally, on the website of the Financial and Capital Market Commission (www.fktk.lv/en/) main financial public quarterly performance ratios of all Latvian banks and information on compliance with capital adequacy ratios are summarised in the Excel table.

More detailed information is available on the webpage of each bank, where public quarterly accounts, annual reports, summaries of capital adequacy and other indicators pertaining to the bank activities are to be published.

Financial and Capital Market Commission cannot be held responsible for losses and it does not assume obligations occurring or arising out of analysis or interpretation of the data submitted. The data are relevant to the actual situation on the last day of the reporting quarter.